Global Consultancy

By employing a talented and diverse team that includes experts in the fields of marketing, winemaking, brand development and communication, Global Wine Solutions helps companies solve problems that otherwise stand in the way of their success. Whether it is the smoothing of the logistics flow when supplying some of the world’s superyachts, advising on the purchase and development of vineyard and winery sites in locations as diverse as those bordering the Mediterranean, Black Sea or North Sea, or researching and implementing marketing strategies for a new wine brand; GWS can help you make it happen.


Brand Building

Over the last five years we have developed wine & spirits brands the world over, both for ourselves and international clients.  Our team of Masters of Wine & Winemakers are uniquely capable of creating wines that reflect yours and your clients tastes, whilst and in house Design & Marketing team create world class branding to suit your specific market. Our collaborative way of working from production all the way through to the end consumer ensure a very complete way of working, that shines though in the finished product.

Vineyard Planting

We have consulted on vineyard planting in numerous locations, some as extreme as Scotland and Russia!   Uncovering site potential, vineyard planning, varietal selection, procurement and managing both planting and trellising.  If you don’t want to plant from scratch, we can help you source, survey and negotiate on purchase.  If the location is applicable we may even be able to integrate your grape production into our production plans at Vineyard Productions


Wine Making

Our team of Masters of Wine and Winemakers, consult on winemaking around the world. Working in cellars and with winemakers to create wines that are fit for market.  Whether you want to improve quality, alter stylistic choices, or make dramatic conversions, are team are fully versed in international winemaking and can play an active role in improving your production.

Fine Wine

Our team of Fine Wine Managers has considerable experience in advising Fine Wine Cellar Management for private individuals.  Working closely with the London Fine Wine Trade and with Bonded and Duty Paid Warehouses we are able to advise on purchases, plan your cellar, and furnish you with drinking dates, tasting notes etc.   We also have a very strong logistics department that can help with international deliveries to ensure your wine is where you need it, when you need it.