What’s a Master of Wine?

The prestigious title of Masters of Wine (MW) signifies an exceptional level of wine expertise and knowledge.

Highly respected in the wine industry and considered a hallmark of excellence. Individuals who achieve this distinction are recognised for their deep understanding of not only the technical aspects of winemaking but also the cultural, historical, and economic influences that shape it.

There are only 412 Masters of Wine, living in 31 different countries worldwide.

The journey to becoming a Master of Wine is arduous and requires a comprehensive understanding of wines from various regions, grape varieties, and production methods. Candidates must also possess advanced sensory skills to accurately assess wines in blind tastings, identifying key characteristics, faults, and attributes.

We have two Masters of Wine on our team.

For yacht owners, captains and crew who demand the best, they provide specialist wine advice and recommendations.

We deliver the impossible.

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