Prohibition in the middle of the last century stunted the growth of the wine industry in America. However the last five decades have seen a rapid catch-up as nearly every state has its own offering of vineyards and gleaming new wineries.

California is still the capital of North American wine production, producing over 90% of the total. The States’ vineyard variation comes not from latitude but from the mountains which lie between the vineyards and the Pacific, preventing the sea air and fog from moderating the climate.

Regions like Napa, Sonoma and Carneros are now considered classic, although there are 100 different AVA’s (American Viticultural Areas) in total. Fashion plays an obvious role in a state like California and many of the cult wineries which command four figure dollar price tags per bottle did not even exist in the 1980’s.

In the UK market, the difference between the cheaper ‘jug-wines’ that fill supermarket aisles and the expensive boutique estates could not be more obvious. This has left the market confused about what California really offers, with most of us only experiencing the huge brands, deplete of quality or regional interest. However an increasing amount of quality wine is reaching our shores at an affordable price. We are discovering that this is winemaking heaven and that somewhere between Washington’s Pugent Sound and Los Angeles exists the perfect environment for every grape variety that has every been grown, vinified or bottled.

Share a Splash, California

Cannonball was founded in 2006 by a dynamic team of wine industry veterans who were determined to rock the wine world. Their vision was to make the best California Cabernet under $20. Armed with a belief that wine should be fun, uninhibited and approachable, they set out to ‘share a splash’ of Cannonball Cabernet in every glass. Sonoma County is the sourcing backbone for Cannonball, along with select sites throughout California. Diversifying sourcing allows for flexibility to achieve their signature style and maintain continuity with each vintage. Today Healdsburg based Cannonball is present in 45 United States and 20 international markets. Dedicated to innovation, with a commitment to authenticity, their mission is to spread their passion by offering wines they believe in. They love what they do, and hope that it shows in every bottle! 


Cannonball Chardonnay, 2016      
Winery $9.00 Hamburg €8.45

Cannonball Merlot, 2016      
Winery $9.00  Hamburg €8.45  

Cannonball Cabernet Sauvignon, 2016   
Winery $9.00  Hamburg €8.45

Angels & Cowboys Rose, 2017    
Winery $9.00  Hamburg €8.45

Angel & Cowboys ‘Proprietary Red’, 2016  
Winery $13.00 Hamburg €11.95

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