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GLOBAL WINE SOLUTIONS Ltd is a wine consultancy designed to offer an efficient distribution and support solution to the International Trade. Unlike a traditional agent GWS allows Merchants to deal directly with the wineries, allowing them to build long-term strategic relationships without the margin concerns of a traditionally engaged Agency business. We offer buyers a direct route to the winery, either shipped direct or available from our warehouses in Germany or the UK. Additionally we can help create ‘buyers own brands’, shipped either in bottle or bulk to the UK.

VINEYARD PRODUCTIONS Is a unique wine-creation agency: we utilise winery space to create artisanal wines that reflect their terroir and local varietals, using traditional and inventive techniques.

The combination of wine-making and marketing talent from around the world gives us flexibility to create the unusual: our viticultural and winemaking know- how is combined with vineyard and cellar teams local to specific regions, and where necessary we invest in materials, people and technology to ensure the best possible wines are created.

Vineyard Productions also create blends and brands, working with our clients and winemakers in almost every wine-making country to co-create commercially and creatively successful wines. Our in-house Design and Marketing team create completely packaged brands and successfully tailor adaptable solutions for the global markets. We currently have projects underway in the Languedoc, the Roussillon, Terra Alta in Spain and New Zealand. Our ambitions for 2018 production include India and Hungary.