India awakens the mind and soul at every turn, it is a country of outstanding colour, of history and culture. India is an assault on the senses, and affects all who visit this beautiful country.

The wine scene is relatively new, and is full of obstacles, yet ambition is something that should never be underrated and it is impossible to imagine that wine production will not grow dramatically over the next decade and with it quality. Vineyards in India range from the more temperate climate of the northwestern state of Punjab down to the southern state of Tamil Nadu. Some of India’s larger wine producing areas are located in Maharashtra, Karnataka near Bangalore and Telangana near Hyderabad and one winery in Titari Village of Ratlam District State Madhya Pradesh Ambi Vineyard. Within the Maharashtra region, vineyards are found on the Deccan Plateau and around Baramati, Nashik, Pune, Sangli and Solapur. The high heat and humidity of the far eastern half of the country limits viticultural activity.

With an estimated 35 million potential drinkers coming of age each year, the market domestically offers potential that no other country in the world can match. The wine world looks on with interest.

YAATRA, Nashik, Maharashtra, India

“Yaatra” (noun - Hindi)  A journey, the act of travelling from place to place. Creating wine in this country of unmatched beauty is a step into the unknown, a voyage of discovery, struggle and joy. Nashik, the region from which this oak-aged Syrah comes, is not new to exploration and discovery. Its temples have been a destination for pilgrims for thousands of years, for as long as the locals have been burning charcoal outside their houses and for as long as India has been able to transport your mind, body and soul on the ultimate “Yaatra”

This is a wine project by Master of Wine Liam Steevenson
and York Winery in Maharashtra. 

YAATRA, Nashik, Maharashtra, 2016      
Winery $8.57 London £3.72

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