Département, france

The regions of France can be described in numbers... No wine producing country in the world has such a variety of regionally specific wines, summed up best by the use of the word ‘Terroir’ reflecting people and place. These regions are also classified with a unique number, or ‘Département’.  There is a total of 96 ‘Départements’, excluding the overseas territories, with each corresponding number used for many administrative purposes such as vehicle registration plates and postcodes. For example if you see a car where the last two numbers are 06, then it comes from the "Alpes Maritimes" in southern France. If you send a postcard to someone in Paris then the postcode would be 75000. After the French Revolution, the country was originally divided in to 82 Départements, but as the population has grown a number of them have been divided into smaller areas (especially the surrounding area of Paris).



Working around France in different regions means that there are many considerations when it comes to vineyard site.  In every case we try and work with areas that define the vineyard and are classically tied to it.   This range is all about showcasing what a region has to offer, so benchmark vineyard sites are what we look for.



All of the winemaking takes place at the individual properties that we work with, ensuring that we preserve that nature of every wine.   The sense of place, people, terroir is essential to these wines.

Our consultant Oenologist Pierrick Harrang overseas all of the winemaking to ensure the range works and all of the wines are technically suitable for the international market place.



the brand

FINCHER & CO. takes a deliberate step away from the supermarket, high volume retail look that defines most of the regions labelling.  Artisanal winemaking is reflected in the packaging, designed to illustrate the very high human input that has gone into making these unique New Zealand wines.