Batonnage Ep. 10 - When is a wine faulty? with Jamie Goode

Fiona and Liam discuss wine faults with wine critic, Jamie Goode. What makes a wine faulty? How can you tell? What should you do next? To the scientist, these things may be clear-cut, but aesthetically wine faults can be a source of character - and even of wine typicity. Reduction for instance is a facet of wine-making, yet in extreme cases can make a wine revoltingly smelly. Let Jamie help you march with confidence through the minefield.

Recorded at Hawksmoor Borough in London.

Batonnage Ep. 8 - Dan Jago & the UK wine trade

In this episode, Fiona and Liam are sharing wine and conversation with an extraordinary player in the UK wine trade, Dan Jago. Having held top positions at Bibendum Wine, Tesco and latterly Berry Brothers and Rudd, Dan has a broader view than most of the diverse UK wine market. This recording was made at the BBR offices in St James’s, London, a few days before his departure from his position as CEO of the company.

Batonnage Ep. 7 - What makes a good wine list? with Ruth Spivey

Fiona and Liam chat with sommelier and wine writer Ruth Spivey the London ambassador for Star Wine List about what makes a great wine list. Which wines should you look out for, how to insist your wine is served at the temperature you want it and the one thing that really drives her mad when she arrives at a restaurant. 

Batonnage Ep. 6 - Christmas Special with Charlie Stein and Elly Owen

Recorded during the 2018 Padstow Christmas Festival, Liam and Fiona discuss wine choices at Christmas with Charlie Stein, buyer for the Rick Stein group, Elly Owen at Fifteen Cornwall and David McWilliam, Batonnage producer and curator of the Festival’s ‘Wine Theatre’.

Batonnage Ep. 4 - What is it with Bordeaux? with Will Lyons

Bordeaux has made wine for centuries, but does it still carry the authority that it holds in the wine atlas? Fiona and Liam share stories with Will Lyons as they explore the region, tasting a few intriguing and affordable examples along the way.